About Us

Who We Are

Center for Local Initiatives & Development – Asenovgrad is a non-profit organization that carries out activities in the public interest. Our purpose is to organize and support initiatives related to improving the quality of life in our Asenovgrad and in the region. Agriculture, tourism, ecology, industry, culture, economy – we are ready to work in any area of public life that brings real benefits to all of us not only in material, but also in spiritual terms.

Center for Local Initiatives & Development – Asenovgrad is an organization interested in all the strata of the local community – businessmen, workers, ethnic minorities, youths, disadvantaged people, etc. We strongly believe it is important to be able to live well together and take care of our well-being together – not just our community well-being, but each individual well-being as well. Our first initiatives have proven that it is perfectly possible to stand side by side and we hope that with your help we can turn this model into a way of life in our beautiful town.


Objectives and Activity

The subject of activity of the Center for Local Initiatives & Development – Asenovgrad:

Collecting and disseminating information about conducted and used scientific research related to the achievement of the Center’s objectives. Developing and providing analyzes, expert assessments, forecasts, programs, projects and strategies related to Center’s objectives. Providing methodological and consultancy assistance to its members and other persons in their activities related to the Center’s activity. Providing assistance to state and municipal authorities, public, scientific and other organizations in their activities related to the Center’s objectives. Supporting governmental and non-governmental organizations. Preparing information database on ongoing projects and programs related to the Center’s activity, on a national and international scale.

Information activities aimed at prevention of problems such as drug addiction, violence among young people, etc. Revenue from advertising and sponsorship, income from cultural and other events, voluntary work and other activities authorized by the legislation. Organization and financing of events and programs related to the Center’s objectives. Organizing and conducting cultural, musical and sporting events. Implementation of any auxiliary activities for the achievement of the Center’s objectives, which do not contradict the national legislation.

Center’s Objectives:

  1. Support the development of local initiatives and activities of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of agriculture, tourism, ecology, industry and culture in the region, taking into account the preservation of national traditions, culture and identity.
  2. Increase the economic potential, development and structural adjustment of economic entities from the region of Asenovgrad.
  3. Ensure flexibility and motivation for investment decisions made by business entities in the region.
  4. Enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of business entities in the field of agriculture, tourism, industry and culture in the region.
  5. Provide up-to-date information on projects and programs related to the regional development.
  6. Gathering reliable data on the living status of the citizens of Asenovgrad Municipality.
  7. Encourage the establishment, functioning and investment activity of the Center’s members.
  8. Build its members’ potential in relation to the protection, rational and efficient use of human resources.
  9. Provide assistance to state and municipal authorities in the implementation of their development programs in the fields of economy, agriculture, tourism and culture.
  10. Encourage youth initiative and optimize the position of „active citizen“ by building modules that form functional models of community and social communication.
  11. Continuous creative relationship and collaboration with local youth structures in an attempt to keep a flexible social continuum.
  12. Generate and initiate practices aimed at preserving and popularizing the unique cultural and spiritual tapestry at local and national level.
  13. Develop communication stereotypes with representatives of minority ethnic communities in order to diagnose and eliminate the dysfunctional layers in the communication „horizontally and vertically“.
  14. Partnership in policies produced by the local government and/or representatives of the non-governmental sector aimed at demarginization, de-ghettoisation and enhancement of the degree of integrity of ethnic minorities.
  15. Work and support for the development and validation of spiritual values, good practices in the development of civil society, education, culture and sport;
  16. Support the personal realization, public appearances and social integration of young people of unequal social and cultural status;
  17. Support nature and environmental protection activities.